Windows Timing Service with UTC Accuracy and NIST Traceability

Windows Time Service Users

Unique Opportunity

Enable Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V VM Instances to operate with microsecond level UTC Accuracy and NIST Traceability. 

Easy to Implement

Sync-n-Scale Windows Timing Service provides a UTC Accurate and NIST Traceable solution at your designated locations.

Global Synchronization

A Windows Ecosystem that is UTC Accurate and NIST Traceable.

NIST Disciplined Clock

UTC (NIST) Accuracy Measured, Monitored, and Stored

Sync-n-Scale has contractually engaged with NIST in a Cooperative Research and Development  Agreement (CRADA) for the purpose of measuring and monitoring the accuracy of the Sync-n-Scale Windows Timing Service as well as collecting and storing the measurement data on a continuous basis at a NIST data repository.  Through this CRADA arrangement with NIST, a NIST approved methodology for traceability is followed which includes demonstration of an unbroken chain of calibration evidence.  From a financial, legal, and regulatory compliance standpoint, a metrological and legal traceability standard is established.  Software applications running on this UTC Accurate, NIST Traceable platform by default become a UTC Accurate, NIST Traceable solution.

Besides financial, legal, and regulatory compliance use cases for UTC Accuracy and NIST Traceability, high integrity data collection requirements benefit as well.  A UTC Accurate, NIST Traceable informatics solution operating in environments that follow best practices in regards to NIST Traceability, gain additional benefits through using a UTC accurate, NIST Traceable high resolution timestamp in support of high performance artificial intelligence, predictive data analytics,  and machine learning,

Sync-n-Scale Windows Timing Service supports Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 operating systems at the Hyper-V level.  The NIST DC consistently measures the 

Sync-n-Scale enabled Windows System Clock, both physical and virtual, at RMS 55 microseconds diverged from UTC(NIST).  With this level of UTC(NIST) accuracy, the Sync-n-Scale Windows Timing Service complies with the most exacting and stringent time accuracy requirements.

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Sync-n-Scale Windows Timing Service for UTC Accuracy and NIST Traceability.

Synchronized Crystal Oscillator Technology

Eliminates Windows System Clock Drift

Through use of patented synchronized crystal oscillator technology, Sync-n-Scale has developed a Windows Timing Service that does not suffer from system clock drift. Crystals and Crystal Oscillators used in computers are notorious for drifting over time in random  and non-synchronized directions.  Sync-n-Scale has solved the clock drift problem through use of its patented frequency and phase synchronization expansion circuit approach with unlimited scalability.  The scope shot picture exhibits the SXO scalability capability with no drift and absolute accuracy of 10 nanoseconds from any two points of comparison.

Through use of Sync-n-Scale Windows Timing Service, standard, off the shelf servers and workstations have no Windows System Clock drift and operate with RMS 55 microseconds accuracy diverged from UTC(NIST).

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Synchronized Crystal Oscillator Technology that eliminates Windows System Clock Drift

Windows Timing Service with UTC Accuracy, NIST Traceability

General Computing Applications

Through use of Synchronized Crystal Oscillator Technology and continuous Windows System Clock updates, Sync-n-Scale Windows Timing Service provides UTC Accuracy and NIST Traceability for Cloud, On-Premise, and Hybrid timing applications.  Windows Timing Service with Precision UTC Accuracy upgrades Utility Server functionality in the datacenter.  NIST traceable time stamps used with Windows Event Logs support requirements needing the highest level of audit integrity.  

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Precision Time Accuracy

High Integrity Time Stamping

VM Instances with UTC Accuracy and NIST Traceability

Ubiquity in Operating Systems

Sync-n-Scale Windows Timing Service supports Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V and Window 10 Operating System.  With Sync-n-Scale enabled Hyper-V, Sync-n-Scale can provide UTC Accurate, NIST Traceable VM Instances with Windows, Linux, and BSD.   

Should you wish to evaluate a VM Instance, Sync-n-Scale can provide a free trial...just contact us to coordinate access.


Microsoft and Sync-n-Scale

Sync-n-Scale Windows Timing Service works with all Microsoft cybersecurity tools including BitLocker and VM Shielding.  Additionally, by the nature of Sync-n-Scale's design and configuration, no vulnerability to a network attack surface exists.  Plus, the continuous updating of the Window Systems Clock  provides an added level of tamper resistant timing protection.  

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Microsoft Cybersecurity

No Network Attack Surface

Tamper Resistant


Time Accuracy and Traceability at Global Scale

Sync-n-Scale Windows Timing Service  enables network, system, and user transparency.

Banks and Exchanges

Brings 'follow the money' to a new level...operational excellence enabled through use of precision time accuracy at the Windows VM Instance layer with metrological and legal traceability

Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning

Sync-n-Scale Windows Timing Service supports precision level AI/ML development along with high integrity data collection from global locations with nanosecond level timestamp resolution


Laboratory Informatics

With Sync-n-Scale Windows Timing Service, Cloud based laboratory informatics solutions can use time as a SI in support of NIST Traceability.  

IoT Devices

Sync-n-Scale Windows Timing Service presents opportunities for time synchronization between IoT device and Cloud

Predictive Data Analytics

Sync-n-Scale Windows Timing Service can support high integrity data collection and serve as an Active Directory/ Selected Data interface to public cloud big data engines.



Sync-n-Scale enabled Cloud Platforms with UTC Accuracy, NIST Traceability, and No Clock Drift enables a "fair play" network with low latency and record keeping.


Sync-n-Scale Windows Timing Service with UTC Accuracy and NIST Traceability meets FINRA and MiFID II computer clocking timing requirements.  


Sync-n-Scale Windows Timing Service with UTC Accuracy and NIST Traceability...alot of possibilities!

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